Zenith Infotech

Zenith provides Infrastructure components to YOU — our partner, to allow you to build your Managed Services in the most cost effective and efficient manner. By infrastructure we mean – tools, processes and people.

Our trademarked SAAZ platform provides a comprehensive hosted environment with tools for desktop management, server & network monitoring, an Advanced Scripting engine, a reporting engine and a ticketing system. Our data center is located in Fremont, California in one of the world’s top-ten rated collocation facilities. There is no need for you to add servers and redundant infrastructure at your support center.

We also provide a 600+ person fully trained Network-Operations-Center support that compliments your efforts in providing proactive IT infrastructure management services in the marketplace. With over 3 years of NOC support experience and 10,000+ sites under management, our team provides unparalleled level of 24×7 support- giving over 2700 partners an edge over their competition. With matured processes in place, Zenith NOC is well poised to scale and provide on-demand back end support when you need it most.


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