Doyenz for IT Service Providers

Doyenz offers IT service providers the most comprehensive set of cloud-based disaster recovery services available to small and mid-sized businesses.doyenz_tile-logoBy replicating the entire production environment at the image level to Doyenz Shadowcloud, we provide our channel partners with superior functionality that includes disaster recovery, disaster prevention and business continuity for physical and virtual servers. Doyenz has two types of agents in the Shadowcloud application, VMware ESX and Windows. 


The VMware ESX Agent is a small Linux-based virtual machine that runs alongside your virtual machines, leveraging ESX snapshots to take full and incremental images of Windows guest machines. The ESX Agent is configured to create daily snapshots and upload them to DoyenzShadowcloud, providing verifiable backup and quick recovery for virtual machines.

The Windows Agent installs as a service on your Windows server and uses StorageCraftShadowProtect to send image-level backups to Doyenz Shadowcloud. We enable IT service providers to leverage the replica for a variety of tasks — test changes without impacting production, failover in the cloud when downtime occurs, or conduct training in the fenced in virtual lab. Benefits of Doyenz’s cloud based disaster recovery services include enabling IT professionals to reduce Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) in service agreements, provide their clients with maximum uptime, and verify of the integrity of the backups on demand. Not to mention the peace of mind knowing you’re prepared if disaster strikes.
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